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Canon finally made a retro mirrorless camera... flash drive

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Photo: Canon

Canon may be the leader in DSLRs, but it’s dearly behind Sony and Fuji when it comes to small, portable, and exciting mirrorless cameras. For years, all we’ve wanted is for Canon to mine its heritage for a cool, retro design and offer a compact alternative to its immense DSLRs. It seems the day has finally come, just not quite how we wanted it: Canon is now selling a wonderful throwback rangefinder with 8GB of internal storage — it just happens to be a flash drive.

RIP all of us
Photo: Canon

We caught the new drive via PetaPixel, which points out that Canon has done this in the past with drives based on the 5D as well. It also saw a note in Canon’s Australian store with an important clarification on how this product works: “Please note, this is not a functioning rangefinder.”

Canon describes the drive as a “camera-inspired USB device” that “honors the Canon IV SB rangefinder camera.” The Australian store also says that it’s a limited edition. That’s good, because it would be tragic if too many people bought this thing at its current price. Canon is selling it for $80, for which money you could buy a lot more flash drives and a lot more storage. Also, you’re going to lose this thing. Do not spend $80 on it. Canon, please make a real mirrorless camera that is good.