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iPhone X units are shipping sooner than expected

iPhone X units are shipping sooner than expected


You might want to check your order

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

If you ordered an iPhone X that was expected to arrive later in November, you might want to double check your order — there are multiple confirmed reports of Apple shipping out iPhone X units earlier than the original November 17th to 24th estimate.

Preorders for Apple’s latest smartphone sold out quickly, with orders rapidly slipping into weeks after the November 3rd launch date. But Apple seems to be shipping devices out of the blue, with phones that were originally expected to arrive at the end of November now showing delivery dates as early as November 6th.

Additionally, MacRumors notes that iPhone X ship times in the UK, Australia, Japan, China, and other countries in Europe and Asia have improved from the original five to six week estimates down to three to four weeks.

Apple hasn’t given an explanation for the improved shipping times, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone who preordered an iPhone X is complaining about the fact that their phones are arriving sooner than expected.