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Misfit's new hybrid watch looks better than its true smartwatch

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Misfit launched a new hybrid smartwatch today called the Command. Similarly to its earlier hybrid watch, the Phase, it tracks steps and calories and can notify wearers of calls, texts, or whatever else is happening on their phone. It doesn't have an LCD display because it's hybrid, so instead, graphic icons light up to signify notifications.

The watch also includes a smart button that can be programmed to do various things, like play music or take a photo. All this functionality is similar to the Phase, except for the icons. I prefer the design of the Phase, which opted for a small window of light to convey notifications. However, both hybrid watches definitely look better than the company's first true smartwatch, the Vapor.

The Command is water resistant up to 50 meters and should last for up to a year before needing a new battery. It costs $149.99 and is available in four color variations: black steel, black copper, navy blue, and steel. It ships November 28th.