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Circuit Breaker

Call our Circuit Breaker Live hotline to get emotional gadget support on Cyber Monday

Hey there. How you feeling? Ready to regret that fourth slice of pie tomorrow and then follow it up with some shopping on Monday? Same. I know we're all going to be working through lots of feelings these next few days, and Circuit Breaker Live is here to help you. We're back!

Paul Miller, Ashley Carman (that's me), and Chaim Gartenberg will be live on Twitter at 9AM ET for a special Cyber Monday edition of the gadget show. Click here to join. This episode won't have any wacky gadget demos, but it will have deals. Chaim is our resident Deal Expert, so he'll jump into the conversation with breaking deals while Paul and I help you sort out your purchase-related feelings. Feeling down that you're looking for new headphones because your old ones were your favorites? Or maybe you're conflicted because you love both Microsoft and Apple, but don't know how to make the decision between a MacBook or a Surface Book.

As we always say, we aren't tech support, so we can't give you buying advice, but we can help you grapple with your emotions. You can reach us through Twitter, either by tweeting directly at us at @futurepaul and @ashleyrcarman, or through the show's hashtag #CircuitBreakerLive. For only this show, we'll have a phone number you can call to talk to Paul and I directly. It's 1-844-4EMOTION (or 1-844-436-6846). Please call us and share your feelings with the world.