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Samsung may fix the Chromebook Pro's biggest problem with a backlit keyboard

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A bright idea

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

For the most part, the Chromebook Pro has what you’d expect from premium Chromebook hardware. Samsung’s machine has a fantastic screen, high-end design, and it runs fast. But there’s one seemingly obvious feature missing from device: a backlit keyboard. It’s a strange omission, especially considering the Pro’s relatively high asking price, but it’s one that may be remedied in future iterations of the hardware. Chrome Unboxed has discovered details that point at the addition, though it’s unclear what form it might take. It may be added as part of a second run of the current hardware, or a feature included in a rumored beefed-up version of the Chromebook Pro. While it’s not official yet, the change would make the Pro a much more enticing option in the increasingly crowded Chromebook landscape.