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Attach four fans and eight batteries to your iPad for only $150 today

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The best battery powered fan-cooling iPad mount deal we’ve ever seen

iPads don’t have cooling fans, which seems to make sense, given that iPads don’t really generate a lot of heat and fans are kind of bulky and loud. But there are others, like a company called X-naut, who view this as a serious design flaw.

However, X-naut has also taken it upon itself to fix Apple’s failures with its Active Cooling Mount, an iPad case that attaches to the back of your tablet and adds not just one, but four cooling fans to help prevent your iPad from overheating.

The Active Cooling Mount can be powered either by a Micro USB port or through eight AA batteries (although X-naut notes that batteries, a Micro USB cable, and an iPad aren’t included).

All kidding aside, the Active Cooling Mount is actually designed for pilot and drone operators who use their devices in direct sunlight for hours at a time, and who actually can encounter very real overheating issues in that context — which makes the whole idea of shoving a bunch of cooling fans to the back of your device a little more reasonable.

Should you want to add a whole mess of fans and batteries to the back of your iPad, you’ll usually have to pay $199.99 for the privilege (or $179.99 for an iPad Mini mount). But since today is Black Friday, both fan mounts are discounted down by $50 each, in what’s probably the best deal we’ve ever logged for a battery-powered fan-cooling iPad mount.