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Samsung’s new app helps people who are colorblind recalibrate colors on their TVs

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Specifically, Samsung’s QLED TVs

Samsung has launched a new app called SeeColors designed to help people who are colorblind adjust the color settings on their QLED TVs to their specific needs. The app lets people diagnose their personal deficiencies, and links with the TV to adjust colors based on the results. Samsung notes that 300 million people suffer from Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), with many unaware of their condition. The app claims to be able to identify the type and level of a person’s CVD.

Image: Samsung

Samsung partnered with Professor Klara Wenzel from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She developed the colorblindness test called C-Test, which uses color filters and mathematical models to diagnose levels of CVD; Professor Wenzel helped develop that test for TV and mobile devices. The company claims the app can be used with any QLED TV, and it already comes preinstalled on 2016 Samsung SUHD TVs. Today’s rollout arrives globally for Android users.

If your Samsung TV doesn’t have this app yet, you can download SeeColors from the Smart TV App store, or on your Android device via Google Play and the Galaxy App Store. Once users connect their Galaxy smartphone to the TV, the TV will calibrate colors based on the user’s diagnosis.