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This Furby speaks Alexa and it’s horrifying

This Furby speaks Alexa and it’s horrifying


Introducing Furlexa

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If you’re a millennial, you probably grew up with the robotic furry critter toy known as Furby. It’s gone through a lot of iterations, and now somebody’s tinkered with one to make it speak using Amazon’s Alexa. It is quite frightening and disconcerting to hear Alexa’s adult lady voice come out of Furby, which is known for speaking disjointed English and gibberish.

Zack, from Howchoo details how to hack your own Furby using Amazon’s open-source Alexa Voice Service running on a Raspberry Pi and custom Python scripts. Zack says the entire project cost him $50, which includes all the materials, plus an old Furby off eBay. The process is a bit fiddly, involving soldering, disassembling the toy, and some programming. The result is a kind of super-Furby that can turn on your dining room lights and tell you the weather forecast, which is really neat.

Here’s what Furby looks like without its fur but with the Raspberry Pi fully installed:

Photo: Zach/Howchoo

And I’ll just end on this front view: