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Now you can talk to Destiny 2’s Ghost with Alexa

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Activision and Bungie have released a new Amazon Alexa skill that taps into Destiny 2 and lets you speak to Ghost, your character’s AI companion. You’ll be able to ask Ghost for tips on what to do in the game or explanations of its lore, as well as issuing commands for things like quickly equipping your most powerful loadouts.

This works through any Alexa-enabled device, like the range of Echo speakers, but Amazon is also selling a Ghost-shaped Wi-Fi speaker that you can speak to directly whether you're playing on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. You do already have to have a separate Alexa device for the Ghost speaker to work, however.

The Ghost costs $89.98 and will ship on December 19th — and you’ll have to be quick, since it only appears to be on sale for the next five hours.