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Philips' first Roku TVs are here

Philips' first Roku TVs are here

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Phillips is releasing its first TVs with Roku built in, and they are updated versions of its entry-level 4000 series models. Previously, Philips used its own NetTV platform (as well as integrated Chromecast) in some of its TVs, but considering Roku’s years of experience with smart TV interfaces, it’s probably an upgrade.

The new models will be offered in three sizes: a $349 40-inch model that’s available now; a 50-inch size for $429 inches that will hit stores in January; and a middle-of-the-road $379 43-inch size. (Its availability is still to be determined.)

Other than the updated software, the TVs are virtually identical to Roku’s other 4000 series models. That means 1080p LED displays, three HDMI ports, and a 120Hz refresh rate across the board.