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The Nintendo Switch kickstand is still bad

The Nintendo Switch kickstand is still bad


I understand your pain, but I can't help you

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

I bought a Nintendo Switch last week to play Super Mario Odyssey. I'm loving the game. I'm loving the Switch. But there's one thing I can't fully grasp with the device and how it made it through product testing: the kickstand. 

Why is it so bad?

My boyfriend and I have been sharing the Switch, more or less, since I got it. We play together in bed and prop it up while we hold the controllers in our hands. (Lean into the Mario hat-tossing gesture controls. It's worth it.) This setup doesn't work, even though Nintendo markets the device as a versatile, on-the-go gaming solution. Granted, we aren't playing in an ideal situation. Nintendo always shows the Switch on a stable table, and I don't think a laptop on my legs qualifies as such.

Still, the Switch falls over every five minutes with the slightest bit of movement because of the kickstand; you can't charge the device while it's standing because of the kickstand; and it sits at a steep angle because of the kickstand. Also, why is the kickstand all the way over on the far right of the device? It should be in the center, or it should have two kickstands — one on the left and one on the right. I know nothing about physics or balance, but this problem and its solution seem logical. I am seriously suggesting two kickstands instead of one.

An image of a Nintendo Switch on a table with its kickstand extended.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

I attempted to play alone the other night, and with barely any force, I snapped off the kickstand. It pops back on, but I don't like that I just spent over $300 on a thing that feels cheap. Nintendo sells a replacement kickstand for $4 if yours permanently breaks.

Ross Miller, who now works at Polygon, noted the kickstand issues in his initial review for The Verge. Lots of people will be getting the console for the holidays and to play Odyssey, so it would have been nice to see Nintendo address the problem before the onslaught.

I took to Amazon's reviews page to determine whether I'm just a whiner or have a legitimate gripe. Lots of people hate the kickstand, too. The prevailing word in these reviews appears to be "flimsy." Take a look:


Some users suggest buying a different case that includes its own kickstand variant or even Nintendo's own PlayStand. Amazon Basics makes a slightly cheaper PlayStand, too. I can't personally vouch for any of the options out there, but I do hope you all find a solution. I'm only here to empathize with your struggle and to be an outlet for your venting.