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Tivoli Audio now sells an extremely branded subwoofer

Tivoli Audio now sells an extremely branded subwoofer

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Tivoli Audio

People recognize Tivoli Audio for its wooden, classic gadget designs, and today, the company is launching a wireless subwoofer called the Model Sub. It can pair over Wi-Fi with any products from the company's Art line, including the Model One Digital, the Sphera, and the Cube.

The Sub looks like a rectangular platform with engraved branding across the front. It can lie flat, hang on a wall, or stand on the floor. It costs $399.99, and you'll need at least two additional speakers to create a full 2.1 surround sound setup. If you don't want to totally opt into Tivoli Audio, the Sub also features a line-in, so you can physically connect it to an existing setup. 

I don't love excessive branding, so the Sub is a miss for me aesthetically. I'd rather brands subtly market to me. I don't want a name stamped across my $400 subwoofer, but if you have it hidden under a couch, it won't matter.