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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active is coming to Sprint and T-Mobile

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The Galaxy S8 Active — the ruggedized version of the Galaxy S8 — is coming to Sprint and T-Mobile later this month, after an initial exclusivity period at AT&T. Samsung has not put an exact date on when to expect the expanded carrier availability, or how much it’ll cost, but if it’s anything like buying it via AT&T, expect to pay somewhere in the $850 ballpark.

The news isn’t too surprising: Samsung said that the S8 Active would only be exclusive to AT&T for a limited time. But given that previous Active variants of phones — such as the S7 and S6 — were only available at AT&T, it’s a welcome change for anyone looking for a more durable smartphone.

Like the AT&T variant, the Sprint and T-Mobile models will offer the same shatter-resistant screen, water and dust resistance, and a larger 4,000mAh battery to differentiate it from the stock S8. Those changes come at a cost, though: instead of the curved Infinity Edge display that is the Galaxy S8’s hallmark design, the S8 Active features a flat 5.8-inch quad HD super AMOLED panel.