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Now there’s a smart fork that cancels out noodle slurps

Now there’s a smart fork that cancels out noodle slurps



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Do you enjoy your noodles or ramen so much you slurp them loudly? Do strangers give you death stares while friends just pretend they don't know you? Apparently, enough people feel your pain that a company called Nissin created the battery-powered Otohiko fork that claims to detect those huge slurps and then masks the racket using noise cancellation technology.

The company claims to have collected "enormous" amounts of the slurps in order to data mine the "character of the sound.” In practice, the fork sends a signal to an app on your smartphone which then emits audio to cancel out the noise. It all sounds very scientific, and dumb, but such is the state of “smart” appliances.

"Some want to slurp noodles to enhance its flavor, but some feel its noise disturbing. This friction is sometimes featured on media as a social problem," a video promoting the device states. "As a friendly solution, we developed the noodle slurping noise canceling fork."

The fork is being sold for ¥14,800 (about $130) on a crowdfunding basis, so 5,000 suckers backers will have to be found by December 15th for the device to go into production. Nissin appears to only be selling the Otohiko fork in Japan where it’s expected to ship in the early part of 2018.