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Circuit Breaker

Watch Circuit Breaker Live 011: Cooking gadgets, AR stickers and the best wireless headphones

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Update 12/13/17: This post has been updated with the full episode.

Hey, you! Yes, you. Did you know we do a live gadget show on Twitter? It's called Circuit Breaker Live, and we've been doing the thing since October. Every Tuesday at 4PM we go live on Twitter right here. Today, we're doing that again. Your hosts Paul Miller and Ashley Carman, who's subbing in for Nilay Patel, will lead you through the world of gadgetry with whimsy and wonder.

Dieter Bohn is in New York and will walk us through Google's new AR stickers. Chaim Gartenberg is here, too, and he'll tell us about a bunch of kitchen gadgets. We might even cook something live on air on Twitter. I love to eat for a crowd. Finally, Jake Kastrenakes will join us and show off Vlad Savov's favorite wireless headphones. (Vlad lives in the UK, unfortunately, but thank you for the wise words, Vlad!)

As always, you can watch live on Twitter at 4PM ET, or watch an archived version here tomorrow.