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Hisense now sells an Alexa-compatible air conditioner and dehumidifier

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New smart home products from Hisense work with Amazon’s digital assistant

Image: Hisense

Hisense today announced new Amazon Alexa integrations for two of its appliance products: its Wi-Fi-connected HiSmart air conditioner and HiSmart dehumidifier. The products, which are mainly controlled through iOS and Android mobile apps, can now change cooling settings, dehumidifying modes, and other features via voice, so long as you have an Echo device and sync your Alexa account to the account in Hisense’s mobile app.

It’s not a super groundbreaking development, but it goes to show you that the internet of things is a beast that spares no appliance. And the more devices Amazon can put its Alexa assistant on, the better for the company’s eventual takeover of all things physical. Soon enough, we’ll be talking to everything in our house. It’s just a matter of which disembodied voice responds back.