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Karma's anonymous LTE hotspot goes on sale next month

Karma's anonymous LTE hotspot goes on sale next month


Although features like Tor browsing aren’t included, for now

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Karma Mobility has announced that its upcoming Karma Black LTE hotspot now has a ship date of January 15th next year. The device will be available for preorders at a discounted price of $149, going up to $249 after its release. Additionally, Karma is charging an additional $19.95 monthly fee for “security services” on the Karma Black.

Announced back in August, the Karma Black is designed to be a security-focused Wi-Fi hotspot meant to help protect your privacy online. While it was originally announced as a device with features like an integrated VPN and ad blocking to help protect your browsing, now Karma describes it as more focused on anonymizing your traffic by encrypting your data and stripping out location details.

Karma claims the hotspot will protect your privacy online

The company envisions customers using the Karma Black as a Wi-Fi bridge at home for protecting browsing on a more regular basis, in addition to using it on the go as a more secure version of Karma’s regular hotspot (with the same pricing for data).

Karma also notes that those additional features, including “Tor services, virus protection, malware filters, parental controls, and ad blocking” are possible additions that could show up farther down the line, too.