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Circuit Breaker

Barnes & Noble is recalling its Nook seven-inch power adapters

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is recalling its newest Nook tablet’s power adapter, only a few months after its release. The adapters’ casing apparently sometimes comes off, thereby exposing a metal prong. This, obviously, poses an electric shock hazard. The recall release says only around 147,000 units are affected. I don’t think the new Nook sold so well.

Users can register online for a free replacement adapter, as well as a $5 Barnes & Noble gift card. They’ll also get a prepaid UPS label to return the recalled adapter while a replacement is sent. In the meantime, users can recharge their device by plugging their USB cable into their PC.

Although the recall notice only affects the power adapter, it’s worth noting that the actual tablet is currently unavailable online. A B&N spokesperson told The Verge that it’ll be restocked in February.