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The Honor 8 is getting Android Nougat, but what about other US-released Honor phones?

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The Android Nougat rollout news keeps coming and now the Honor 8 is getting the updated OS. Honor tells us people will start seeing Nougat today and that all phones will be updated by the end of February. Meanwhile, the new Honor 6X isn’t getting the most recent version of Android until Q2 of this year. We were slightly disappointed when the 6X launched in January without Nougat, but making us wait longer is kind of way more disappointing?

Honor made its US debut with the Honor 5X, and as far as we can tell, that phone isn’t getting Android N anytime in the very near future. We’ve reached out for a more precise timeline. Still, Honor has pledged to maintain at least a 24-month software update cycle for devices released from 2016 on, including the 5X.

Most US users have taken issue with Honor’s Android skin. Honor said it worked with its US fans to design the Nougat update. With Android N, users will be able to add an optional app drawer, customize their quick controls, and work in multiple windows simultaneously.

Apparently the refreshed design was also inspired by the “Aegean Sea landscape.” So there you have it: Americans love the Aegean Sea vibe.