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This trench coat's enormous pockets probably won't save you from baggage fees

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Airport Jacket

It sounds like the dream: a jacket that can hold all your gadgets and knick-knacks while still looking chic. The Airport Jacket is supposed to be that thing. It’s an outerwear designed to carry up to 15 kilograms (33 pounds) of luggage in its 14 pockets and two detachable “pocket panels.” Each of those panels has three pockets that hold up to six kilos, or 13 pounds, of luggage. The jacket itself is also “modular,” in that you can adjust how long it is to make it more fashionable. Naturally, the jacket also folds into a bag to make it easy to slip beneath the seat in front of you.

Here’s what you might look like when packing your Airport Jacket:

Airport Jacket

Airlines have created a reality in which we’re all fixated on stuffing as many things into our carry-ons as possible. My parents believe in the “rolling method,” where you roll up your clothes to max out space in a suitcase. Always make sure to stuff your socks into your shoes, too. You can’t have any wasted space. I’m pretty sure some friends of mine have even experimented with vacuum-sealed packing. It’s rough out there!

Baggage fees are expensive, so trust me, I understand the temptation to stick all your stuff in a jacket and call it a day. But there’s no way security is going to let you through the airport with this, right? Are you going to pull all your gadgets out and put them in a tray? Also, let’s be real here, the jacket will not look as sleek as its Kickstarter makes it seem. Oh, and 33 pounds is a lot to carry on you, which sounds not so fun.

This could be you, but this jacket is insanely unpractical and probably more troublesome and time-consuming to pack than just forking over $50 for a checked bag.

Airport Jacket

Airport Jacket starts at around $181 on Kickstarter.