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Panasonic’s new image sensor technology will improve night vision in cars

Panasonic CES 2013 stock 1020

Panasonic has developed new image sensor technology that should improve night vision in vehicles. The company says it has developed a way to electronically control the near infrared light sensitivity of pixels in an organic CMOS sensor without having to use a mechanical IR cut filter. That basically means the technology should make for more detailed images from night-vision cameras in vehicles whenever Panasonic makes the technology available to automakers.

There are a few cars that can “see in the dark” these days, but given that those cars all cost above $50,000, and the optional night-vision camera can add upwards of $2,500 to your grand total, most people haven’t had the luxury of experiencing the technology yet.

But by the time night vision becomes commonplace in cars, it should be substantially better than it currently is thanks to Panasonic’s advancement in infrared technology. Panasonic, unfortunately, did not say when we'll be able to experience this in real cars on the road.