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This floating magnetic clock can be controlled through an app to track your life journeys

This floating magnetic clock can be controlled through an app to track your life journeys


Brought to you by the makers of the floating magnetic light bulb and plant

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Flyte is a company that seems to like taking ordinary objects and adding magnets to make them float. Their previous design pieces / products, the Fylte light bulb and Lyfe planter, both look really cool, but don’t actually do a whole lot when it comes to being a functional object.

But Story, the company’s third product, which goes live on Kickstarter today, is a little different in that it’s actually kind of useful. It’s a clock that using Flyte’s signature mag-lev technology to hover a small metal ball over the wooden surface of the clock. And unlike the earlier Flyte products, Story can float the ball horizontally, vertically, or at a 45-degree angle, depending on how you’d like to display the device.

When it comes to actually telling time, Story works as a standard 12-hour clock, albeit one without a minute hand. Through use of a companion app, Story can also serve as a short-term timer (say, for a meeting) or a long-term “Journey” mode, which the company envisions as tracking more high-minded goals, like where you are in a year, or how long until the birth of your child.

Additionally, Story features both a hidden digital clock that lights up in the center of the face through the wood, as well as a blacklight behind the base. And sure, none of this is strictly necessary — at the end of the day, Story tells time no better than any other ordinary clock that doesn’t cost nearly $500 and incorporate mag-lev technology. But it’s also an elegant, interesting looking way of displaying time. Whether that’s worth the hefty price is up to you.

Story is available to back now on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $349, with an expected full price of $499 and is available in both walnut and ash models. Flyte hopes to ship it in November later this year.