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Huawei’s new flagship P10 will come in blue, gold, and a bright green

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Huawei P9 review gallery

Huawei confirmed its new P10 phone in a teaser earlier this week with plans to debut the device at Mobile World Congress. Now, tech reporter Evan Blass is giving us a better idea of what we can look forward to:

As we expected from Huawei’s hints, the P10 will include a dual-camera system, just like last year’s P9. The Leica branding is still around, too.

The P9 also included a rear fingerprint sensor, which appears to have been moved to the front on the P10. Honestly, I have no opinion on this change as I don’t like to use fingerprint sensors, but I have full confidence that P9 users will readily adapt to the P10’s forward-facing scanner.

Huawei has experimented with color in the past — remember the moody red P9? That was gorgeous. I’m not sure how chic this green P10 will look in person, but at least it’ll stand out. The last flagship device with a green color option was the Galaxy S6, and it actually looked nice. It was a bit darker than the P10’s green, but still, it gives me hope.