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You can now ask your Google Home to buy things

You can now ask your Google Home to buy things


‘OK Google, order paper towels’

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Google’s Home digital assistant has been compared to Amazon’s Alexa a lot over the last few months, and now it’s getting the ability to order things through voice commands, just like Alexa can.

Of course, Home is still a Google product, so instead of buying things through Amazon Prime, orders go through Google Express instead. And while Google Express typically has a membership fee or per-delivery charge, Google is waiving those costs for purchases made with Home through April 30th.

The update should be rolling out today — Home users simply need to add a payment method in the Google Home app, and then they can place orders simply by asking Google Assistant. Since the service is run through Google Express, products are limited to stores that are partnered with Google already, and of course, you’ll need to live in an area where Google’s delivery service is offered.

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