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Circuit Breaker

This Belle doll will dance for you, but only if you attempt to code

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Belle from Beauty and the Beast loves books and, although she was birthed in the 19th century, also code. Or at least that’s Hasbro’s storyline for her. The new Dance Code Belle doll teaches kids the fundamentals of coding all in the name of getting Belle to dance. Kids can program dance routines through Belle’s companion Android / iOS app. Belle talks and sings, too. She’s a triple threat as we would say in the biz. I don’t know anything about the biz.

The app, as iO9 reports, includes two coding modes: one for beginners that involves only dragging a finger across the screen to create a pattern and another for more advanced kids who can drag and drop commands into a sequence. The doll pairs over Bluetooth and relies on batteries for power. Belle costs $120 and will be available in the fall.