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The first look at the Switch’s software comes from an early preorder accident

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Photo: hiphoptherobot (VidMe via Internet Archive)

The Nintendo Switch launches in just two weeks, and today we finally got our first look at what the operating system and menus of the new console look like, thanks to NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot, who claims that their preorder accidentally shipped early.

The three-minute-long video goes through the initial setup of the device and shows off the new minimalist user interface that Nintendo will be debuting with the Switch. According to a post on NeoGAF, hiphoptherobot isn’t connecting the device to the internet to avoid causing trouble with Nintendo for the store he bought it from.

Without games or online services, there’s not a whole lot to see, but it’s evident that Nintendo is using a more mature and subdued user interface than some of their previous console’s over-designed menus.

The default Switch home screen.
Photo: hiphoptherobot (VidMe via Internet Archive)

Other than a simple walkthrough of how to detach the Joy-Con remotes and the knowledge that there are both black and white theme options included by default, the biggest news from hiphoptherobot is that the 32GB Switch only offers 25.9 GB of free space out of the box, with the remainder presumably taken up by the console’s software. While today’s unofficial UI reveal is interesting, it highlights that there’s still a lot we have yet to learn about the Switch before the console’s release on March 3rd.

Nintendo Switch: First Look