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Google launches blue Pixel in UK as US supply problems continue

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It’s really hard to get a Pixel right now — Google appears to have significantly underestimated demand for the well-received phone. But today brings news of at least one injection of supply, as Google has announced that the previously Verizon-exclusive “Really Blue” variant will be coming to the UK. Both regular 5-inch and XL 5.5-inch sizes will be available, though only with 32GB of storage.

The company notes that the blue Pixel is a limited-edition color — as if the other models weren’t limited enough already — and therefore will only be sold “until stocks last.” That could well mean that the good people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be fighting over a shipment of seventeen phones, but preorders open today through EE and Carphone Warehouse if you’d like to try your luck. The blue Pixels will then be available in UK stores on February 24th.