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Samsung’s incubator lab is getting seriously into virtual and augmented reality

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The company has announced four new projects that will be appearing at MWC this month

So far, Samsung’s in-house tech incubator C-Lab has bought the world such wonders as a belt that tracks your waistline and a “smart strap” that turns your fingertip into a phone earpiece. Now, Samsung says it has a quartet of new internal projects to unveil, focusing on augmented and virtual reality.

All four will be shown off in more detail at Mobile World Congress later this month, but here’s what we know about them so far:

  • Relúmĭno. A “visual aid” application for the Gear VR that helps the visually impaired read and watch TV with “new levels of clarity.”
Image: Relúmĭno / Samsung
  • Monitorless. A pair of “sunglasses” that support both AR and VR. They connect to your phone or PC and allow you to use your electronics in augmented or virtual reality.
  • VuildUs. An app that allows users to see what furniture looks like in their house before they buy it. It uses a 360-degree camera to measure distances and depth, and works via an app for “compatible” VR devices. Not the first of its kind by a long chalk.
  • traVRer. A 360-degree video platform that lets users “experience realistic virtual travel before and after a real-life trip.” Looks like any virtual reality “travel” experience, albeit with a UI with more information.
Image: trVRer / Samsung

So, some sort of interesting ideas here, and some stuff we’ve seen before. At any rate, we’ll be taking a closer look at these projects at MWC to see what’s worth your time and what isn’t.