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Leaked Sonos PlayBase is a soundbar that your TV sits on

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Priced at $699 with a March shipping date

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A leaked image of the Sonos PlayBase.
Photo: Ben Koechlin / Twitter

A new Sonos speaker could be hitting the market next month, according to a leaked product listing on B&H. As spotted by Zatz Not Funny, the listing is for one “Sonos PlayBase,” which is selling for $699 and available in black or white. It’s not clear exactly what the PlayBase is, but the name and design suggest it could be a plate-shaped soundbar you sit your TV directly on top of, improving its audio quality while offering Sonos’ usual range of connected music streaming options. (As Engadget points out, it looks similar in form to LG’s SoundPlate speakers.)

Leaked images of the PlayBase don’t give much away, but show an optical and Ethernet port on the rear (no HDMI), a speaker grille at the front, and a single button on the side. Like Sonos’ recent Play:5 speakers, we can probably expect the PlayBase to have touch controls and an integrated mic, but the now-pulled listing offers no hint about possible Alexa or Google Assistant integration — something that Sonos is definitely interested in. If the B&H listing is to be believed, we’ll see more of the PlayBase this March.