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This Japanese doggy drone is a very good drone

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Japanese town gets an adorable new mascot

The Japanese town of Oji is going to lure in tourists with the help of its new doggy drone. In a short film / commercial released earlier this month, the Yukimaru quadcopter flies to the main Oji attractions, like a scenic photo op, a temple, and the Bell of Eternal Lovers. Oji isn’t Tokyo but it still has a lot to offer visitors, like a doggo drone!

The film is endearing for both drone fans and people naturally inclined to enjoy views of the Japanese countryside. We’re unclear on whether this drone actually exists or is a CGI production, although RocketNews24 says it’s possible Yukimaru will show up around town at both festivals and the openings of car dealerships. So I guess it’s real? Regardless, I think the idea behind Yukimaru is to dream. Let it take you on a journey.

My favorite parts of the commercial are the reactions to the doggo. Like this kid whose awe I can definitely relate to:

Yukimaru Walking in the Sky

And this non-reaction from these “love birds:”

Yukimaru Walking in the Sky

I really wanted to GIF this whole video, but instead, I’ll let you discover the Yukimaru surprises on your own. Byeeee.

Yukimaru Walking in the Sky