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Your Apple Pencil needs — nay, deserves — a bespoke leather grip

Your Apple Pencil needs — nay, deserves — a bespoke leather grip

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The Apple Pencil is a wonderful piece of technology. But for all its technical smarts, the design leaves something to be desired. The white plastic is cold and harsh, and the cap for the Lightning port is easy to lose.

Fortunately, the excellent Apple accessory company Pad & Quill is here to save the day with its handcrafted leather goods. Specifically, the $49 Leather Apple Pencil Grip, which — in the company’s own words — “turns the Pencil from useful tool into a work of art.”

The Leather Apple Pencil Grip is crafted by hand out of full-grain American leather, with baseball stitches and a stainless steel pen clip. It comes in two parts — a grip for the lower portion of the Pencil, and a clip portion that also has a helpful holder for the Lighting port cap. And it comes in three colors that bring to mind the rugged and wild days where the spirit of the Leather Apple Pencil Grip was forged: Galloper Black, Chestnut, and Whiskey.

Sure, the entire presentation here is slightly over the top. But from an objective perspective, Pad & Quills’ grip actually solves a lot of problems with the Pencil. The grip does look like it’d be more comfortable to hold than the naked Pencil, the clip design should stop if from rolling off your desk constantly, and the cap holder just looks genuinely useful. And while it’s not strictly necessary for it to be made from hand-sewn leather, Pad & Quill has a reputation for shipping incredibly well-made products.

Look, your $99 stylus probably doesn’t need a $49.95 leather koozie, but at least its heart is in the right place. The Leather Apple Pencil Grip is available for preorder now from Pad & Quills’ website, and should be shipping in early April.