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You can watch two Nintendo employees unbox a Nintendo Switch

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There's a peppy soundtrack so you know you're enjoying yourself

No matter what your feelings are on unboxings, I think we can all agree that corporations unboxing their own products is the worst example of the medium. Instead of watching an enthusiastic user dig into a new product for the first time, you instead can observe someone who's paid to be enthusiastic unbox a product that has yet to actually ship and which they've obviously been using for a while.

Nintendo's Switch unboxing gets bonus points for:

  • Matching Nintendo Switch jackets
  • Jazzy Nintendo-style background music
  • "This is very exciting" said in reference to the Joy-Con strap
  • A subtle midway tone shift from unboxing to to infomercial

You can get your own Nintendo Switch and unbox it the old fashioned way on March 3rd.

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