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T-Mobile customers can now buy the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for up to $419 off

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galaxy s7

T-Mobile is having a major phone sale today that includes the LG V20, the LG Aristo, and Samsung’s flagship S7 devices. Both the S7 and S7 Edge now cost $360, from an initial price of $673 and $779, respectively. I’ll go ahead and state the obvious here: that’s a huge savings. The LG V20 is also majorly marked down with a sale price of $360; it usually costs $769.

I’m trying to figure out the specifics of the sale, which was first spotted by Droid-Life, but it seems the only requisite is being a T-Mobile subscriber. Some plans might not be accepted, so just try to add the devices to your cart to see if you qualify.

Maybe this sale is in anticipation of Mobile World Congress next week? Samsung is going to reveal the S8 on March 29th, so I’m guessing T-Mobile wants to dwindle its old stock a bit, which is great for all of us who need a new phone.

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