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ColorWare will paint you a pair of black AirPods for a $130 premium

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Back in black (and 57 other color options)

A few weeks ago, my colleague Ashley Carman put out a call to Apple to make black AirPods. And while her original post noted a few options of various degrees of legitimacy, famed aftermarket product painter ColorWare is getting in the ring with customized AirPods, available in your choice of 58 different colors (including black).

Of course, a pair of custom matte finish purple metallic AirPods is going to cost you — ColorWare is charging $289 for a new pair of colored AirPods, or $130 more than the retail price of $159. Getting a customized case to match your decked-out earbuds will add another $30 to the bill. ColorWare also will paint each AirPod a different color, if the mismatched look is more your style (or if you’d like an easy way to tell the right and left earbuds apart).

ColorWare estimates that the customized AirPods should ship in around six weeks, which is definitely a while to wait, but unlike the other colorized AirPod options, it’s at least a ship date from a reliable company that’s actually done this sort of thing before. As to whether or not a black AirPods are worth almost as much as a second pair? That’s entirely up to you and your sense of style.