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Circuit Breaker

Eero is cutting the price of its router pack by $100

$399 for the three-pack

Eero on shelf

Eero is slashing the price of its whole-home router system by $100 in an attempt to fend off competition from companies like Google and Netgear. The company will cut the price of its three-pack of routers from $499 to $399 today at 11AM ET, as reported by Fast Company. This price matches some of the sales Eero ran during the holiday season.

Although Eero may have popularized mesh networking, Google Wifi is just at good, and its three-pack comes in at $299, still notably cheaper than Eero with the new discount.

Eero 3

According to The NPD Group, Eero controls 50 percent of the mesh router market, which makes up a fifth of total router sales in the US. But if it wants to expand past early adopters and tech nerds, Eero will likely need to bring its prices down a bit further.