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This haptic feedback VR suit could complete your VR look

This haptic feedback VR suit could complete your VR look

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The Hardlight VR Suit promises to complete the VR experience. You’ve already got the headset for immersive graphics, now you just need an adjustable suit for body vibrations. “Suit up to feel every explosion, gunshot, and sword fight in VR,” NullSpace writes on its VR Suit’s Kickstarter page. The device includes 16 haptic feedback zones that’ll react to compatible games’ actions. Apparently every muscle group above your hips is covered.

NullSpace explains that its suit relies on tracking systems from systems like the Vive and Oculus Rift to figure out where your limbs and torso are in relation to the headset. It has to plug into a PC over USB, however, so you’re not going to totally roam free. While a complete VR experience sounds fun, so far, there are only 15 games that are completely compatible with the suit. Obviously NullSpace hopes developers will take advantage of its SDK. Still, it can be switched into audio mode, which will pick up sound from any game to create stereo haptic feedback.

The Hardlight suit isn’t a revolutionary product — there have been a lot of haptic suits before now — but it seems that NullSpace is differentiating itself by making its suit sweat-proof and supposedly easier for developers. That’s great but doesn’t really matter if developers don’t retrofit their games or create new ones. The suit starts at $499 on Kickstarter with a game bundle included for an extra $20.