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Yes, you can play Snake again on the resurrected Nokia 3310

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And on Facebook Messenger

The new version of Snake on the Nokia 3310.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Look, some things are just never coming back. Your free time; your youthful waistline; that old carefree attitude toward living you used to have — all gone forever. But, if you wish super hard, and pay money to a company set up purely to extract value from a cherished brand, you can play Snake again on a Nokia 3310. Just like old times.

Okay, well, slightly different to old times, but near enough.

The version of Snake on the resurrected Nokia 3310 (built by HMD and announced today at MWC along with a trio of Android-powered, Nokia-branded handsets) doesn’t look quite like the original. It’s more colorful for a start, just like the phone itself, which has a new color screen and a handful of other, minor upgrades (including a two-megapixel camera). But it’s there at least, and you can still waste time mashing buttons while you wait for texts from your friends on a battery that lasts forever.

Plus, as part of the Nokia relaunch, you can play a version Snake on Facebook Messenger that does look a little more old-school, right down to the green tinting. Just click the gamepad icon in the Messenger chat interface to get started.

Snake on Facebook Messenger.
Photo: The Verge

For more info on the 3310, which looks like it could be an excellent back-up phone, check out our full story from Mobile World Congress right here.