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Samsung is making a stylus styled like a Staedtler pencil

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Vlad Savov

As if nostalgia wasn’t getting a huge boost with the Nokia 3310 today, Samsung has jumped into the fray with its own throwback design: an S Pen that’s built to look like a classic Staedtler Noris pencil. That black-and-gold striped pencil is something many of us grew up with, using it to scribble messages to friends in class before phones were everywhere.

Samsung didn’t have much more to say about it during its Mobile World Congress event today — it felt more like a fun teaser than a real product announcement — but all the excitement surround the Nokia 3310 relaunch already attests to the appeal of a modern gadget styled to look exactly like the more primitive stuff we used to use as kids growing up.

Staedtler Noris