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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 appears in leaked videos ahead of March release

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Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S8 may be sitting out Mobile World Congress this year, but we’re still getting a good look at the upcoming smartphone this week, courtesy of a pair of leaked videos that show off the phone on film, as spotted by 9to5Google.

And yes, while we’ve seen pictures and renders of the S8 already, this is the first time it’s appeared on video, giving us a better look at how the bezel-reducing, edge-to-edge display looks in practical use (the answer is pretty good, by the way). Assuming the videos are real, they corroborate earlier images that showed off the S8’s updated design, including the switch from physical buttons to digital ones.

Samsung is scheduled to officially announce the Galaxy S8 next month on March 29th. Given the rate that information about the phone continues to show up online, though, it’s possible we’ll already know everything there is to know well before Samsung does formally launch.