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Anker’s next batteries will have a faster charging chip

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Smaller, thinner, lighter, and cheaper chargers

Anker is upgrading the PowerIQ fast charging technology used in its chargers and battery packs to a new, faster version, known as PowerIQ 2.0. The new charging chip allows Anker’s chargers to output up to 18W of power off a single chip. While previous Anker products could charge at that rate, they required two charging chips to do so.

Anker notes that using a single PowerIQ 2.0 instead of multiple chips will also result in “smaller, thinner, and lighter” products that should cost less than their predecessors.

Alongside the new PowerIQ 2.0 chips, Anker also announced its first battery pack to use it, the PowerCore II 10000, a 10,000mAh battery pack that will cost $29.99 when it goes on sale in May later this year.