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What’s cooler: Nike’s self-lacing shoe or a DIY self-lacing Lego shoe?

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Vimal Patel

Last year, Nike gave us all the Back to the Future vibes with its self-lacing HyperAdapt sneakers. They’re super future looking, of course, but they also cost $720. That’s a lot of money. If you’re not in the income range to spend nearly $1,000 on shoes, but would also like to be an elite who doesn’t have to bend down for an unruly lace, you might have another option: Lego.

Industrial designer Vimal Patel created a concept shoe that has shoe laces fastened into Lego connection points. Patel makes it all sound easy. He calls these shoes a “quick experiment” that required only a dremel, a hot glue gun, and those Lego. From there, he says, it was “straightforward.” I’m glad someone is doing this work and portraying it as simple.

So what’s a cooler shoe? Nike’s totally corporate HyperAdapt:


Or Patel’s DIY, badass Lego shoe:

Vimal Patel
Vimal Patel

I think you know the answer.