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LG G6 will reportedly come to the US on April 7th

LG G6 will reportedly come to the US on April 7th


Over a month between announcement and release

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After an expected debut at Mobile World Congress on February 26th, LG’s flagship G6 smartphone reportedly won’t go on sale in the United States until well over a month later on April 7th. That’s the date VentureBeat expects the G6 to arrive on US carriers — hopefully to better fortunes than the underwhelming G5 from last year.

The G6 will be released in South Korea much sooner on March 9th. So at least in that region, the smartphone will have a significant lead over Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8. Waiting until April in the United States will almost completely eliminate any early advantage, however. According to a previous VentureBeat report, the Galaxy S8 will be publicly unveiled on March 29th and go on sale April 21st.


With the G6, LG is expected to completely move away from the modular strategy it gambled on with the G5 in 2016. The early images we’ve seen reveal a premium metal and glass device meant to compete — at least from a design perspective — with the best from Apple, Samsung, Google, Moto, and others. The device is rumored to feature a 5.7-inch display with a minimal bezel surrounding it. But it may not be quite as powerful as the S8, with LG rumored to be including the Snapdragon 821 versus the newer 835 chipset that Samsung has apparently been hoarding.