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ZTE’s first Android Wear smartwatch shows up in leaked image

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It’s called the Quartz


Ahead of Google’s Android Wear 2.0 launch later this week, all sorts of details are spilling out about new hardware on the horizon. Today, VentureBeat got its hands on leaked marketing material for ZTE’s very first Android Wear smartwatch, called the Quartz. There’s not very many details about the device, but it’s likely it will support cellular connectivity to make use of Android Wear’s more robust standalone features.

What we can clearly see is a more mid-range-looking timepiece with a metal body and color-customizable watch face. The mockup suggests you’ll be able to match the band with the colors of the face, but nothing else can easily be gleaned from the image. Other than that, the device looks like a pretty standard Android watch. ZTE has set February 21st as the date for its Mobile World Congress press conference later this month, so we might get more details about the Quartz then.

- Source: VentureBeat