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Skip the theaters and (eventually) save money with BenQ’s new $8,000 4K projector

Skip the theaters and (eventually) save money with BenQ’s new $8,000 4K projector


With 8.3 million pixels, that’s only $0.00096 per pixel

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The average cost of a movie ticket hit record highs in 2016, topping out at $8.73 a ticket. At prices like that, it might be time to start considering just skipping the multiplex all together and putting together your own home theater.

Of course, if you’re making your own movie theater, you’ll need a good projector, and that’s where BenQ’s new flagship HT8050 home theater projector comes in. The HT8050 offers 4K quality and has THX HD Display certification, something BenQ notes is a feature it shares with IMAX theaters. BenQ is also touting the lens array, which uses 14 elements that the company claims offers improved sharpness, color, and brightness. A full description of the HT8050’s various technical achievements can be found on this almost suspiciously long list here.

The HT8050 is meant for upscale home theater installations

That performance comes at a hefty cost, though, with the HT8050 set to sell for $7,999 when it’s released on February 24th. If that price point wasn’t an immediate giveaway, the HT8050 is meant for upscale home theater installations, and in accordance with that will only be available from select resellers, including AVAD and AVI-SPL.

But if you are looking to cut the movie theater out of your life, assuming an average cost of $8.73 a ticket and a standard family unit of four, the HT8050 will pay for itself in a mere 229.066 theater outings!