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The Volata 1c is a slightly cheaper smart bike

The Volata 1c is a slightly cheaper smart bike

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Smart bikes are popping up everywhere and are rapidly becoming what we here at The Verge refer to as “A Thing.” That includes bikes like the LeEco Le Syvrac, which runs Android and has a quad-core processor with 4GB of RAM, and Volata’s original bike, the Model 1, which launched last year starting at the hefty price of $3,499.

If that cost was a little too much for you, Volata is back with a new, cheaper version, the Model 1c, which starts at $2,499, considerably less than the Model 1. And like Volata’s earlier bicycle, the Model 1c also offers an integrated computer system with a 2.4-inch display that can give directions, show fitness information, and display smartphone notifications through a paired smartphone application. The primary difference between the two bikes is the actual cycling hardware — where the Model 1 is meant to serve as an all-in-one mode of transportation, the Model 1c has road bike design that’s meant to work better in an urban environment.

Both Volata bikes also offer a suite of other useful features, including automated lights, a built-in horn, and a GPS-based anti-theft system the company claims will be able to notify you if a motion sensor on your bike is set off.

You can reserve a Volata 1c for a down payment of $299 toward the final price (which starts at $2,499, depending on configuration). Volata hopes to ship the first units sometime in September.