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The Beoplay H4 is a new wireless headphone option from B&O Play

The Beoplay H4 is a new wireless headphone option from B&O Play

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B&O Play announced the Beoplay H4, a new, cheaper pair of wireless over-ear headphones as the latest entrant to its headphone lineup today.

At $299, the H4 seems to slot into the product lineup as a budget alternative to the company’s pricier wireless H7 model or top-of-the-line, noise-canceling H8 and H9s. Unlike Beoplay’s other wireless models, the H4s use physical buttons to control playback and volume instead of using finicky touch interfaces. And despite the cheaper price tag, the H4s are made of the same premium materials as B&O Play’s other headphones, with the company’s signature aluminum construction and lambskin covered memory foam ear pads.

It’s hard to say exactly how the H4s hold up sound-wise without listening to them, especially as B&O Play has yet to offer any concrete information as to the actual audio hardware. But given the pedigree of the product line, there’s a good chance that the H4 will continue the Beoplay legacy of quality headphones. The H4s are also compatible with the Beoplay App, which can be used to tune the sound profile and settings on the headphones and issue firmware updates.

B&O Play is claiming up to 19 hours of wireless listening for the H4s, which charge over a standard Micro USB port. And should the battery die, the H4s can be used as wired headphones through a 3.5mm jack.     

The Beoplay H4 costs $299, and is available from the B&O Play website and Bang & Olufsen stores starting today.