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Samsung’s QLED TVs start at $2,500

Samsung’s QLED TVs start at $2,500

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Samsung TV CES 2017

Samsung touted its new QLED TV series as the next step in TV achievement at CES this year. The TVs, which come in three models — the Q9, Q8, and Q7 — are supposed to be brighter and have improved color reproduction as compared to OLEDs. Now that Samsung, Amazon, and Best Buy have opened up preorders for the TVs, we’ve got pricing details.

The series starts at $2,499.99 for the 55-inch Q7F flat panel 4K model and goes up to $5,999.99 for the 75-inch flat panel model. Meanwhile, the curved versions, like the 55-inch Q8C curved panel 4K model, start at $3,499.99 and go up to $4,499.99. We don’t have pricing or availability for the Q9 flagship model yet.

Beyond the actual display improvements, these TVs include other new aesthetic features, including the “Invisible Connection cable,” which runs from the TV to an external breakout box with the HDMI ports and other critical connections (but not power). This is designed to keep the home theater area a little less cluttered. The TVs also include some new software features, including a sports mode and an expanded music section.

Update 2/10/17, 11:07 AM ET: Updated to generalize language around OLEDs as opposed to Samsung-specific TVs.