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Verizon will come fix your cracked phone screen at home, but only in certain cities

Verizon will come fix your cracked phone screen at home, but only in certain cities

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Verizon is offering some new perks for customers on its Total Mobile Protection insurance plans, including the option to get broken or cracked phone screens replaced for a $79 deductible — if you live in the right area, that is. Depending on where in Verizon’s coverage area you live, that service could even be same-day, with the option to immediately replace the screen in store or even have a technician come out to your home to fix your display without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

Only available in certain cities, on certain phones

The caveat is that the cracked screen program is only available in a fairly limited area for now. Verizon claims that “more than 60% of Verizon customers” now have access to the new program, but you’ll probably need to check the full list on Verizon’s site to see if you’re covered.

Same-day repair is also only available on certain phones, including the iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, and 6S, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7, and Galaxy Note 4 and 5. Notably missing on the list of phones is Apple’s newest iPhone 7 models, which apparently aren’t included.

Along with the cracked screen replacements, Verizon is upping the number of allowed claims per year from two to three. The cost of Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection is staying the same, at $11 per month for a smartphone and $9 for “basic phones” or tablets.

Update February 13th, 5:20PM: Verizon has added more cities that it will be offering same-day screen replacement, including New York, Boston, and San Fransisco, among others. This post had originally noted that those major cities were not included.