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BioLite’s upgraded CampStove provides real time data about the strength of your fire

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BioLite is known for its CampStove: a device that generates power from fire so you can charge electronics out in the wilderness. The company announced its new CampStove 2 today, which features a LED interface that provides real time data about the strength of a fire, the power stored in its 2,600mAh battery, and the airflow level. BioLite also says it upped its power generation so the CampStove now has a 3-watt output through its USB port. The CampStove 2 costs the same as the original at $129.95.

As a reminder, the CampStove captures energy from a fire through a thermoelectric generator, which then powers a fan that stokes the fire with more air. Extra power goes to the devices plugged into the built-in USB port.

Along with the CampStove 2, BioLite is also launching a new accessory designed for its KettlePot: the CoffeePress. It’s literally just a french press designed specifically for the KettlePot. But you deserve that gourmet cup of coffee out in the forest.