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Samsung’s iPad Pro competitor will cost $600

Samsung’s iPad Pro competitor will cost $600


The Galaxy Tab S3 was announced last month

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Samsung unveiled an iPad Pro competitor called the Galaxy Tab S3 last month. But while it showed off everything about the tablet, it declined to give details on pricing or availability — finally, we’re getting one of those.

Best Buy currently has the Tab S3 listed for $599.99. That price includes the S Pen stylus, but it doesn’t include Samsung’s keyboard case. The keyboard will sell separately for $129.99, which brings the price for the full package up to about $730. Samsung didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on whether this pricing would be used elsewhere.

It’s still cheaper than an iPad Pro with stylus and keyboard

The Tab S3 gets pricey for an Android tablet, but it still comes in beneath the iPad Pro. Apple sells its comparable model, the 9.7-inch Pro, for $599 and sells its stylus and keyboard case separately for $99 and $149, respectively. You can find the iPad discounted at this point, but without a sale, you’re looking at $847 for all three, or $748 without the stylus. Either way, it’s more expensive than the full package for the Tab S3.

It’s pretty important that Samsung stay competitive with Apple on pricing here, since the Tab S3 is really designed to go head-to-head with the iPad Pro. It’s a powerful 9.7-inch tablet aimed at productivity, with a high-res display, four speakers, and special stylus features. It’s the same top-line description as the iPad Pro.

Of course, there are some bigger hurdles Samsung has to overcome: most notably, the lack of great Android tablet apps. Developers have been customizing apps for the iPad’s larger screen for years, but developers have been slow to do the same for Android tablets. That can lead to a worse experience overall, which makes any Android tablet a harder sell.

There’s still no word on a launch date, but chances are, it’s coming very soon.